Oil Sample Testing Kits

Convenient pre-paid Oil Analysis Sample Kits, providing everything you need to take a sample. Simply follow the included instructions, place your samples in one of the envelopes provided, pop in a post box and your electronic laboratory report will follow shortly after.


Each sampling kit contains the following:


Plastic Syringe
80mL Sample Collection Pot
Sample Pot Label
PVC Hose (approved for food contact)
Freepost Return Envelopes
Instructions and Sample Return Form


We also sell:

Vampire Suction Pumps
Swab Kits for sampling unknown materials
Transformer Oil Sample Bottle Kits
Test Kits for grease samples and other bespoke applications
Bulk consumables for oil sampling such as pots and tubes
Minilab products for on-site analysis of your lubricants.




Quantity Price Saving Per Sample


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