Accelerometers for the measurement of acceleration, shock or vibration come in many types using different principles of operation. Inside a piezoelectric version, the sensing element is a crystal which has the property of emitting a charge when subjected to a compressive force.

In the accelerometer, this crystal is bonded to a mass such that when the accelerometer is subjected to a 'g' force, the mass compresses the crystal which emits a signal. This signal value can be related to the imposed 'g' force.


The sensing element is housed in a suitable sensor body to withstand the environmental conditions of the particular application. Body are usually made in stainless steel with welding of the various parts to prevent the ingress of dust, water, etc.

Electrical connection can be via a sealed cable or a plug/socket arrangement. Many present accelerometers have internal electronic circuitry to give outputs which can be directed used by the associated acquisition or control systems.

Mechanical fixing of the sensor is important in order to achieve true transfer of the vibration or acceleration. Many fixing methods are used including beeswax, hard glues, threaded stud (male or female), magnetic mounts. Accelerometers are used in many scientific and industrial applications such as predictive maintenance, aerospace, automotive, medical, process control, etc.

Industrial Accelerometers

Our product range listed below include:-

Top Entry - AC Versions Series MON-100

Low Profile - AC Versions Series MON-100S - Side Entry

Dual Output - AC Versions Series MON-100T

High Temperature - AC Versions Series MON-105

Compact - AC Versions

4-20mA Accelerometers, Loop Powered Accelerometers - Various Mountings

4-20mA Accelerometers, Loop Powered Accelerometers - Various Mountings

General Purpose Accelerometers

ATEX Approved Accelerometers

ATEX Approved Accelerometers

Certified for use in Group I (Mining) and Group II (Petrochemical)

ATEX Approved Accelerometers: AC Versions - Series MON-100I - Intrinsically Safe

AC Versions - Series MON-100IS - Intrinsically Safe

ATEX Approved Accelerometers: 4-20mA Versions Series MON-420I - Intrinsically Safe

4-20mA Versions - Series MON-422I - Intrinsically Safe

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