Electric Motor Winding Testing

This will detect turn to turn insulation failures far in advance of an electrical breakdown, giving you the power to confirm faults and take any preventative action.


Cost effective, non-destructive testing of:


■ Motors (AC and DC)
■ Generators
■ Transformers


Conducted onsite, by specialist Condition Monitoring engineers, Monition’s Electric Motor Test and comprehensive report gives you the power to:


■ Detect the problems in motors ahead of failure
■ Conduct quality acceptance testing of new or rewound motors
■ Confirm winding faults before removing motors from service
■ Perform on-site motor testing in industrial environments that are typically hazardous to electronic test instruments
■ Check the integrity of inventory replacement units


Service Includes:


■ Surge Test of inter-turn insulation between turns, coils and phases to detect shorted turns
■ DC Hipot Test 1000v + 2 (nominal voltage charge) of ground wall insulation
■ Megohmmeter test of winding to ground voltage resistance
■ Step Voltage Test to detect high leakage current and earthing problems
■ P.I. Test of insulation conformance to IEEE 43 guidelines

Electric Motor Winding Testing Case Studies

Electric Motor Testing for Reliability Improvements


Chief Electrician, UK Power Plant: "When each of our generating units comes down for overhaul, we use the Electric Motor Testing service to subject our critical motors to DC Hipot and Surge Comparison tests. Monition report to us any motors showing weak insulation or shorts, and we send the units for rewind. Since using Monition’s service we have not had a critical motor failure or had to de-rate generating due to the loss of a motor."



Electric Motor Testing for Preventative Maintenance and Cost Savings


Maintenance Manager, Car Manufacturing Plant: "We employ Electric Motor Testing to periodically test critical motors up to 40hp. At the last outing, Monition’s service was credited with three 'saves'. For a Maintenance Manager, the cost justification is simple: The luxury to be able to schedule three motor changes instead of having to change them during a crisis is invaluable."



Electric Motor Testing for Root Cause Analysis


Maintenance Manager, Stone Products Manufacturer: "We recently experienced a problem with a motor in a critical area. After repeated overloads the motor was deemed faulty and scheduled for replacement. When Monition conducted a quick winding analysis of the unit during a routine visit, they concluded that there was absolutely nothing wrong with the motor. Further investigation later revealed that the pump which the motor was driving had a damaged impeller and had been the problem all along. At least five hours of expensive production downtime were saved and a costly and unnecessary rewind was averted."



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