Characterisation Suite

Method Combination of GC-MS, SEM-EDX, FTIR and Others
Standards In-House Method

What is it used for?

The deification of unknowns, contamination sourcing, residue and deposit build-up, fault finding, troubleshooting and many more.


How does it work?

A combination of analytical techniques including SEM-EDX, GC-MS and FT-IR are utilised to understand the sample in greater detail, whatever it is.


What do the results tell us?

This depends entirely on the scope of the customer requirements – it may be confirmation or identification of the presence of a contaminant or substance, it may be a step-by-step analysis of an unwanted production by-product or it may be a root cause analysis of a corroding component.  Our aim is to help you understand what’s going wrong, and help you understand where to go next.


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