Quality and Reporting

Clear, Concise, No-Nonsense Reporting


Whilst the testing methodology may be similar, reviewing oil analysis reports can be a lot harder than it needs to be. Our simple, user-friendly format, broken down into four clear categories, makes reading routine analysis reports much less of a chore.


Prefer to have a different view? Used to working with a specific layout or format. No problem - Our software development team can work with our clients to meet their specific reporting needs.


Our Commitment to Quality and the ICML


We are committed to ensure the quality of analysis through a combination of recognised training and implementation. A primary example of this are our Laboratories, where all of our staff are a minimum of science degree-educated, as well as being certified Machine Lubrication Analysts (ISO18436).


MLA (Machinery Lubricant Analyst) training is governed by the ICML (International Council for Machinery Lubrication), a universal body focused on those who practice the art and science of machinery lubrication, ensuring the skills of those who work in the field of lubrication.


Visit www.lubecouncil.org/exams/professionals.aspx for further details.

Additionally, staff also maintain professional development through membership of professional organisations such as the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) and the Institute of Science and Technology (IST).