Lubrication Application

We provide a modern approach to lubrication application by applying exclusive scientific methodology based on dimension, function and additional condition-based factors to determine the unique lubrication requirements of your site.


Determining Calculated Values

For example, it does not account for differences in bearing housings and application points. Instead, it assumes the grease is added at the optimum location. It is not always possible to know the amount and condition of old grease in the housing at the time of reapplication. For these reasons, Monition has developed a site survey using a web based calculator to modify and correctly determine calculated values with operational and condition-based data used in the approach.


Lubrication Scheduling

Monition conducted live trials over a 4 year period (in the harshest of environments) to determine optimum lubricants for different applications. Correctly selecting the correct lubricants can have significant benefits.


Some typical improvements being:

Component life increased by more than 300%

Failure rates decreased from 3 months to over 12 months

Re-lubrication intervals decreased from every 4 hours to every 24 hours

The amount of lubricant used in certain applications has reduced by > 80%


Lubrication Schedule Calculator

Monition has developed a Web based Calculator to determine the correct schedules and products for your assets.

A Monition adviser can attend site and survey the plant to establish all appropriate factors. This information in fed into the Web calculator so site has live access to the results.


Site can extract Lubrication schedules in various formats or feed results into their CMMS system for site issues.


Lubrication Awareness and Application Training

Awareness Sessions

Onsite or Offsite awareness sessions have been designed to raise awareness and provide staff with the most basic but fundamental knowledge in order help improve application on site. Sessions are typically 1 -3 hours but can be designed around sites specific needs (your applications) in order to provide most benefit.


Onsite Review of Stores and Control

Monition’s advisers are able to conduct a review of sites stores and controls to determine site status. It is imperative that lubricant control is in place to remove either contamination or incorrect application of lubricants.


Lubrication Management

Onsite Lubrication Management

Monition is able to offer Lubricant Management Services. This involves a Monition Engineer based on site at your facility either full time or part time to help manage lubrication application and adherence.


This includes but is not limited to reviewing product selection, calculating correct schedules, providing application and awareness training, tracking adherence and providing onsite reports for management as well as assisting in the application.


Monition can also provide customers with a complete, on-site oil sampling service within most parts of mainland UK, through our team of specialist Condition Monitoring Engineers.


Complete Oil Lubrication Management
Ferrous Wear Analysis
ICP Spectrographic elemental parts-per-million (PPM)
Water Content Analysis
Viscosity at 40°C
Particle Count
TIM (Total Insoluble Matter)
TAN (Total Acid Number)
TBN ( Total Base Number)
ISO Cleanliness Test to 4406 (hydraulic oils only)
5100 Dielectric Testing (oil cleanliness)


Lubrication Application Frequency and Volume

Many factors must be considered to be even reasonably precise in determining the best application frequency and volumes. Such factors as operating temperature, seal type and condition, particle contamination, moisture, vibration and grease type all play a role in determining re-application frequency.


Key Factors

Lubricant Types
Bearing Size
Bearing Type
Operating Speeds
Vertical or Horizontal shafts
Environments, Wash out and Chemicals

To be more precise, a site survey is needed to review the lubricated components and ensure the proper frequencies are chosen.


Monition have a wealth of experience and trial data from a wide range of applications to advise sites on their optimum lubricant selections in order to extend equipment life and improve reliability.



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