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Mar 232017The Monition Academy and Redeveloped Oil Laboratory

Monition Limited has just launched The Monition Academy which delivers training: Enabling improved operational effectiveness.

Delegates typically do not have an academic background or seek academic qualifications. Most have been through the traditional apprenticeship / technician route and now find themselves in positions of responsibility. The courses aim to enhance the technical and soft skills of maintenance engineering practitioners.

The Monition Training Academy has been designed to improve operational performance providing clients with a prescription of tools that will have an immediate operational impact focussing on management and engineering principles applied by world leading operators.

The Monition Academy and Redeveloped Oil Laboratory

The course leaders are Subject Matter Experts in their fields including Fellows of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Academics from Russell Group Universities and Senior Engineering Leaders. The team has invaluable operational experience from a range of industries including Chemicals, Alternative Energy, Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Rail, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Food & Drink, Mining, Traditional Manufacturing & Power Generation. The Academy courses go beyond the classroom providing support in the workplace.

There are a series of courses based on three themes:

The A-Series of awareness courses provide an overview of maintenance and project management best practice. The M-Series of management courses focus on soft skills. Courses on Leadership, Time Management and Decision-making have proved incredibly popular.

The E-Series of engineering courses focus on practical Reliability, Risk and Maintenance tools.

Now Monition Limited offers Clients:

Investigative Analysis and Characterisation Services

Utilising state of the art chromatographic and spectroscopic techniques to help our clients identify and characterise contaminants, filter debris and particle morphology, even from the tiniest of samples.

Oil Forensics

Next-level Oil Condition Monitoring. We apply advanced techniques to not only trending wear, chemistry and contamination, but dig deeper to help our clients understand why wear is occurring, and from what mechanisms, preventing failure at the source.

More Options than Ever

A hugely expanded test slate to better cater for the requirements of any industry, moving beyond oil analysis to include fuels, greases, coolants and many more.

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