E-Series E02

Technical Risk Assessment

Technical Risk Assessment.

An introduction to practical technical Risk Assessment (RA). Historically, technical risk assessment has been reserved for the engineering specialist. Whilst this may still be the case for detail quantitative risk assessment, many of these methods are becoming increasingly popular with maintenance engineers seeking to improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).


■ Understand the differences between component and system RA analysis.


■ Gain a basic understanding of Quantitative and Qualitative Risk Assessment.


■ Gain a basic understanding of qualitative risk assessment techniques including:-

■ Reliability Block Diagrams
■ Fault Tree Analysis
■ Event Tree Analysis
■ Failure Modes and Effects Analysis


■ Understand the benefits and limitations of RA software.


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Leader Cost Duration
Dr Moray Kidd £950 /2-3: £800/ 4+: £500 per company 1 Day
Capacity 40 people

Available Dates


Month Day Year
TBC 2018
TBC 2019

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