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Human Reliability Assessment

Human Reliability Assessment

As Engineers we often focus on the hardware. Traditionally we perform reliability analysis on components and their reliability dependencies. We often refer to reliability analysis at system level but rarely do we consider the holistic system including Human Reliability (HR). This is an area of science historically analysed by physiologists. In recent years the subject of human reliability has become more palatable for engineers with advent of practical methods for analysis and improved practice. In this training course delegates will be introduced to the concept of human reliability and human reliability assessment (HRA).


Understand basic HR principles and definitions.

Gain an understanding of practical HRA based on the HEART method.

Understand generic task types.

Understanding error producing conditions.

Understand how to improve human performance in an operations context.


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Leader Cost Duration
Dr Moray Kidd £950 /2-3: £800/ 4+: £500 per company 1 Day
Capacity 40 people

Available Dates


Month Day Year
TBC 2018
TBC 2019

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