Oil Analysis

Oil Analysis / Tribology - the most cost-effective service to prevent machine breakdowns and reduce your lubrication and maintenance costs.

Monition's laboratory service analyses Oil Chemistry to tell you the condition of your oil and advise you when it needs changing to ensure the ongoing protection of your machinery.

Oil Analysis
Oil Analysis

Analysis of the wear metals (microscopic metal particles produced when two metal surfaces rub against each other) and other contaminants (dust, water, additives - even wrong oil grade) within the lubricant will reveal any deteriorating internal components. Monition's tribology services can pinpoint the source of wear metals (bearings, gears, clutch plates etc), trend the wear rate of the deteriorating internal component and advise when maintenance needs to be scheduled to prevent a breakdown in service. (see images to the right).

We provide customers with complete oil sampling kits, containing: sample bottles, plastic syringe & tubing and return pre-paid postage envelope. Customers simply send their oil samples to Monition's laboratory, and we return a fully-detailed report within a few working days.

Monition can also provide customers with a complete, on-site oil sampling service within most parts of mainland UK, through our team of specialist Condition Monitoring Engineers.

Monition's own laboratory analyses thousands of Gearbox, Engine, Compressor and Hydraulic Oils every year, with industrial customers ranging from Quarries to Rail Operators to Food Manufacturers.

Our oil analysis report, featuring colour-coded alarm-levels and clear comments for recommended maintenance action, enables customers to:-

Monition's laboratory can process both standard (engine, gear, compressors oils etc) and hydraulic oils. We can also arrange for the analysis of High Voltage Transformer oils, Dissolved Gas Analysis, PCB and Pour-Point testing.

Our Range Of Standard, In-House Analysis Tests Include:-

  • Ferrous Wear Analysis
  • ICP Spectrographic elemental parts-per-million (PPM)
  • Water Content Analysis
  • Viscosity at 40°C
  • Particle Count
  • TIM (Total Insoluble Matter)
  • TAN (Total Acid Number)
  • TBN (Total Base Number)
  • ISO Cleanliness Test to 4406 (hydraulic oils only)
  • 5100 Dielectric Testing (oil cleanliness)

Water Glycol Analysis and Diesel Fuel Bacteria Testing, also undertaken.

Oil Analysis

Contact Monition to discuss your Oil Analysis requirements and arrange a no-obligation site-visit and consultation. Call us today on +44 (0) 1909 722000 or email enquiries@monition.com.

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