What is

IntelliOil i4.0?

IntelliOil i4.0 is a powerful, yet flexible, cloud-based lubricant condition management software system designed to store all of your oil analysis data in a single easy-to-access location, utilising your data to the fullest.


Monition’s comprehensive web-based package provides advanced analytical tools to aid decision making to help advance your oil analysis regime to a world-class standard.


As well as providing a centralised data and reporting bureau which is accessible worldwide on most internet-enabled devices, Intellioil can seamlessly integrate data from multiple laboratories and sites, or work in tandem with your existing data systems.


IntelliOils features include:

• Group Trending  • Custom Reporting  • Interactive Dashboards  • Intelligent Diagnosis Tools  • Workflow Management  • Cloud-Based Data Storage  • Task Scheduling Tools  • Automatic Group Analysis  • Notifications via Email  • Seamless Data Import  • Secure Web-Based Package  • Continuous Updates


To discuss your requirements in more detail or to request a demonstration, please contact us using the form below.



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