What is


JANUS is a cloud-based intelligent data analytics and decision making platform. This has been developed by Monition’s Research and Development (R&D) team.  An Artificial Intelligence (AI) project, JANUS is funded by InnovateUK – the UK’s innovation agency.


Disruptive i4.0 Technology

JANUS enables intelligent diagnostics where the health condition of an individual asset or a system of assets need to be determined. The trace-ability feature of this technology also provides invaluable insights about the potential causes of developing failures.


Due to the complexity of the AI technique in essence, current solutions are unable to accommodate “trace-ability”. JANUS is capable of opening the “black box”.


Scalability Challenges

JANUS meets the challenge of scalability and can be applied to industrial/non-industrial systems regardless of complexity and level of operation.

Modular design and internal flexibility of the AI and decision making algorithms make JANUS capable of being “fit for purpose”. They also enable the platform to be integrated with any IT infrastructure.


As part JANUS’ further development strategy, Monition is now looking at integrating the platform into a programmable logic controller. This will lead to developing an “Edge Computing”- based IoT technology. This innovation provides intelligent diagnostics next to an asset which brings significant benefits in terms of efficiency and security for clients/businesses.


Application of JANUS valuable outputs determine the operational performance level of assets and remaining useful life account for further development streams.


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