What is


M-Lube is a cloud-based software package developed by Monition to further empower the condition based monitoring industry with comprehensive data analysis and information management in lubrication.


What is the advantage of M-Lube?

Leveraging on our vast experience in lubrication service provision across the United Kingdom, Europe and beyond, Monition have developed M-Lube to enable the customers to view, update and download the lubrication data at any place and at any time.


M-Lube requires no installation and can be accessed from most internet enabled devices. Moreover, data storage is managed and stored by the central administrative system at Monition, giving you peace of mind.


Cloud-Based Technology

Interactive Dashboard

Job Breakdowns

Lubrication Compliancy

Create and Edit Assets


M-Lube focuses on five main action points: Tasks, Dashboard, Reports, Work-to List and Asset.


To discuss your requirements in more detail or to request a demonstration, please contact us using the form below.


PreMonition i4.0 M-Lube Portal