What is the

mp2 Project Management Cloud?

The MP2 Project Management Cloud is recommended for use if you are conducting any form of project work that requires a scope, timeline, objectives and traceability.


MP2 allows for continuous tracking and control of your projects and is available for internal viewing and for viewing by your respective clients.


It allows you to review a list of all your projects in the front-end overview section providing a simple traffic light system (green, amber, red) on the status of each project.


The front-end overview also provides other critical information such as the start and end date, the duration of the project, the potential savings per annum and the access points to the project detail.


There is also a section where the project meeting minutes are stored, allowing them to be reviewed from any current and previous meetings.


The front-end overview also provides critical project owner contact details with name, email and telephone number attached.


MP2 is an online software cloud, which means you can have access to your projects from ANY location at ANY time – 24/7.


To discuss your requirements in more detail or to request a demonstration, please contact us using the form below.


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