Cost-effective Analog Ultrasonic Inspection Technology

Ultraprobe 100


Product Description:

The Industry’s Most Comprehensive Analog Detection System

Fast, accurate, and designed for ease of use, it often takes no more than 15 minutes to become competent in ultrasonic testing using the Ultraprobe® 2000.

The Ultraprobe® 2000 can help:

          • Reduce unplanned downtime
          • Shorten planned outage time
          • Diagnose equipment problems quickly
          • One person quickly test equipment in an entire section
          • Create more efficient scheduling of routine Preventative Maintenance procedures

The Ultraprobe® 2000 also enables data reporting through three modes: through auditory channels (via a headset that has been specifically selected for heavy duty industrial use), through a uniquely designed bi-modal analog meter, and through the ability to interface with vibration analyzers, & sound recording devices via the heterodyned output.

For use in hazardous environments, the Ultraprobe 2000 is rated intrinsically safe. An ATEX model is also available.

The Ultraprobe® 2000 can be adapted to test practically any problem in operating equipment with such features as:

          • FREQUENCY TUNING enables a user to tune into problem “sounds” while minimizing background interference.
          • METER MODE selection adjusts the meter response from a real time response to an averaging response. This feature allows accurate adjustments for leak detection and for mechanical analysis.

The Ultraprobe® 2000 can heterodyne ultrasound into audible range providing accurate sound reproduction.

Sensitive only to ultrasonic frequencies, the Ultraprobe 2000 will not respond to the low frequency noises often associated with most plant equipment. Therefore, the “gun” can be effectively utilized in extremely loud environments.

One Analog Instrument to Test Them All!

The Ultraprobe 2000 Kit Includes:

ULTRAPROBE housing with Metered Pistol Grip, Ballistic Meter, Frequency Tuning Dial, Ten Turn Potentiometer, Numerically Calibrated Sensitivity Dial with Selection Lock, Bi-Modal Meter Selector switch, battery, battery indicator light, battery recharger receptacle and head set receptacle.
Trisonic scanning Module for locating airborne ultrasound such as pressure, vacuum and electrical leakage.
Rubber Focusing Probe for narrowing reception band of Scanning Module and for blocking out ambient ultrasound.
Stethoscope (contact type) Probe for monitoring internally generated ultrasound such as in bearings, steam traps and valves.
Deluxe Industrial noise reducing Headset.
Video Training Tape Program
Extension Probe Kit to increase Stethoscope contact range to 31 inches.
Warble Tone Generator with amplitude selection switch for use in Tone Test method.
Battery Recharge Kit for main housing and Warble Tone Generator.
Zero Halliburton aluminum carrying case
Intrinsically Safe
Class 1, Division 1, Groups A, B, C & D
Exceeds ASTM-1002-05
Standards for ultrasonic leak detection
CE rated
EX Rated

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Technical Specifications

Construction: Handheld ABS pistol type ultrasonic processor, stainless steel sensor enclosures
Circuitry: SMD/Solid State hybrid heterodyne receiver
Frequency Range: 35-45 kHz
Indicator: 10 segment LED bargraph (red)
Sensitivity Selection: 8 position precision attenuation
Power: 9 Volt Alkaline Battery
Low Battery Voltage Indicator: LED
Headset: Noise isolating type: double headset wired monophonic impedance; 16 ohms. Over 23 dB noise attenuation. Meets or exceeds ANSI specification and OSHA standards.
Probes: Scanning Module (SCM-1) Stainless Steel Unisonic (single transducer) piezo electric crystal type; Stethoscope/Contact Module (STM-1) Stainless Steel plug-in type with 5.5″ Stainless Steel Waveguide.
Rubber Focusing Probe: Shields stray ultrasonic signals & focuses detected signals.
Transmitter: Patented warble tone transmission
Response Time: 300 m. sec.
Ambient Operating Temperature Range: 32°-120°F(0°-50°C)
Relative Humidity: 10-95% non condensing at up to 86°F(30°C)
Storage Temperature: 0°-130°F (-18°-54°C)
Dimensions: 5.25″ x 2″ x 8″ (13.3cm x 5cm x 20.3cm)
Weight: 11 oz (.3kg)
Carrying Case: Nylon soft carry case with die cut foam
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