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The Sight Glass


Product Features:

Luneta's new Sight Glass has all the clarity and durability you need, with none of the leaks, cracks or squinting you may be used to with those old-style oil sight glasses. You'll never have to use fragile, dark, hard-to-read oil sight glasses again!

Comparison Luneta Sight Glass Acrylic sight Glass
Impact Resistance (Joules) >40 8.9
Toughness or Durability (Notched Izod, 23-deg C, J/cm) 9.8 0.2
Wall Thickness 0.19" 0.25"
Chemical Resistance Excellent Poor
Combine the Column with the Luneta Hub
Available in Six Different Lengths
Includes a 3-Micron Breather
Tough Acrylic Construction
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