An Affordable Ultrasound Solution For Any Application

SDT 200


Product Features:

Built-in Functionality

Integrated ultrasound sensor and temperature sensor with a laser pointer for pinpoint accuracy

Easy Navigation

Digital measurement display, with intuitive icon-based menu navigation and four condition indicators for more ways to interpret data

Software Simplicity

Predefined node tree with 4,000 measurement points. DataDump software transfers data to PC.

Additional Options

Device and software are available in six languages (EN, FR, DU, GE, ES, IT).
This device is also available as an ATEX version.

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Versatility as Standard

Use your SDT270 ultrasound solution for a number of applications in your plant:


Bearing Monitoring – ID early-stage bearing defects to prevent failures.


Leak Detection – Find and fix leaks to cut your energy costs by 40%.


Electrical Systems – Scan your electrical systems for partial discharge faults.


Steam Traps – Identify failed steam traps that reduce system efficiency.


Valve Monitoring – Inspect valves to identify defect conditions.


Condition Monitoring – Keep a pulse on the condition of your plant’s assets.


Marine Applications – Tightness and condition monitoring for your vessel.


TankTest – Reveal leaks in underground storage tanks.


Companies today are under tremendous pressure to provide the highest levels plant productivity and quality at the lowest possible cost, whilst ensuring ever increasing safety and environmental requirements. To meet these business-critical demands, maintenance professionals need to maximise machinery reliability whilst minimising maintenance costs - a very difficult balancing act indeed.

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