One of the worlds’ most advanced digital ultrasonic detection systems

Ultraprobe® 10,000


Product Description:

One of the worlds’ most advanced digital ultrasonic detection systems


Inspect-Record-Sounds-Store-Information-Manage Data

The Ultraprobe® 10,000 brings Ultrasound Inspection technology to a whole new level. With this one system, inspectors can perform condition analysis, record sounds, store and manage data.


The Ultraprobe® 10,000 Has On-board Sound Recording

With the push of a button, record a sound sample directly into the instrument and link it to one of 400 record files stored in the Ultraprobe®.


With The Ultraprobe® 10,000 System, Test the Way You Want


Specialized Application Screens

Adjustable On/Off Features

Connect to External Devices

Flexible Reporting Options


Utilizing just two controls: User friendly Spin and Click Technology of the Ultraprobe® 10,000 simplifies sound recording, data collection, system customization and data entry.


ULTRAPROBE® 10,000 is a Complete Ultrasonic Asset Management System

Something for Everybody: Whatever you’re going to test, the Ultraprobe® 10,000 has application-specific software for you. With the “click” of a button you can select an Application with Specialized fields for accurate reporting and analysis.

Select any of 6 applications: Generic, Leak Valves, Bearings, Electrical or Steam and the Ultraprobe® 10,000 automatically sets relevant fields for your data logging convenience. All stored data is easily downloaded to the Ultratrend DMS software.


Expand your inspections.

In addition to on-board data logging, the Ultraprobe® 10,000 accepts and stores data from external devices such as thermometers and tachometers.


What Do You Want to Test Today?

Practically everything you’ll need for specialized inspection is included with the Ultraprobe® 10,000 Inspection System; LRM with laser sight and more!


Long Range Module:

Will double the detection distance of the standard Trisonic Scanning Module and enhance performance for any electrical or leak inspection job. With a 10° field of view, you can pinpoint the exact location of a problem at a safe distance; no need to climb ladders or use a lift.


RAS-MT Remote Access Sensor Magnetic Mount Transducer:

Comes with cable, which allows users to inspect hard-to-reach test points. In addition, it provides for consistency of results by eliminating variables such as angle of approach and contact probe pressure.

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