Reliability Focused Asset Management (RFAM)

Monition has developed a best practice model for the implementation of reliability methods and services in order to achieve your desired end results.

The RFAM process is designed not only to improve plant reliability but to also optimize the maintenance function by making it more cost effective at the same time as extending equipment life by improving asset care practices.

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The RFAM process is designed around the basic principles of six sigma (Define- Measure - Analyze - Improve - Control). The RFAM process can be broken into four distinct phases and each incorporate reliability audit tools and processes. Each of the four main phases requires different strategic and management requirements. This basic process is explained below:

Phase 1 - Reliability Review Process

Phase 1 is designed to establish a starting point; a plan for reliability improvement or implementation of reliability services at your facility.

This process may include either or all of the following Monition Methods depending on your status:

Phase 2 - Introducing Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) Systems

Phase 2 is the set up for the new CBM program requirements (established in phase 1) and initial data gathering (fingerprinting) to determine current plant condition.

Phase 3 - Reliability Systems (Ongoing Practices)

Phase 3 is to ensure the supporting structure (skills, resources, documents etc) for the new reliability program are in place and program is being executed as designed to ensure the end results are achieved. This may include site up-skilling, training or awareness sessions or the delivery of specialist services.

Phase 4 - Reliability Review

Finally, Phase 4 is the reliability improvement process for continuous improvement and maintenance optimization. This phase enables site to achieve real world improvements that are sustainable. This process may include either or all of the following Monition delivered methods:

The implementation of RFAM requires all four phases and the time to establish the program will vary depending on resource profile and availability. Some of the key benefits of the RFAM process documented below. Please note that Monition also offer specific CBM services as well as full (RFAM) reliability improvement process. Should you be interested in any specific requirements then please contact our sales team. Other CBM requirements fall into one of the services fields below and are described in more detail through each link.

Full Implementation of the RFAM Process leads to the following benefits:

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