Shaft Alignment Training

Machines "In Line" stay "On Line"

High vibration levels, premature bearing failures, hot couplings or leaking shaft seals can all be indications of misaligned machines. With Monition's laser based alignment systems, you can make a quick check, align your equipment and keep the machines online without the risk of suffering unplanned stops due to misalignment.

Why Precision Shaft Alignment is Necessary

Misaligned machines result in vibrations and premature wear of bearings, seals and couplings. Machines with rotating shafts are designed to run under optimal conditions. Misalignment will lead to harmful forces, deteriorating the machines' performance.

Before such a shaft alignment can be done, it is also essential that the foundations for the driver and the driven piece are designed and installed correctly. If that is the case, than shaft alignment can be started.

Shaft Alignment Training

Shaft Alignment Training

Monition are a UK market leader in laser alignment technology. Behind that technology are employees dedicated to providing the best laser alignment equipment, training, and alignment and calibration services to our customers. Our training department is staffed with industry experts who have "REAL WORLD" experience. These experts can apply our lasers to almost any alignment application.

With over 20 years experience, our laser training staff offers the most comprehensive laser alignment training available today. Each course covers the basics, such as setup, calibration, laser theory and troubleshooting. In addition, the trainer can customise each course to the specific needs of the students, providing valuable timesaving short- cuts and hands-on training for almost any laser alignment application.

Our UK Training Centre offers certification classes in the following areas of laser alignment and software:

Each training course as the objective is to teach students how to align two coupled rotating machinery shafts to specified tolerances using each laser alignment system, including proper planning, rough and precision alignment processes per approved procedures.

Monition provide a range of course focusing on specific procedures for using today’s laser alignment systems and the fundamental concepts and skills required to perform precision alignment. The unique approach provides not only an understanding of the specific procedures to follow for the laser system being used, but also the foundation to understand why and how the system works the way it does.

The training utilises Monition dedicated training facilities with specifically designed application rigs drawn directly from the shop floor to ensure students are coached on 'real world' equipment.

Specific topics covered are:-

Recommended For

Shaft Alignment Fundamentals: Level 2 (2-Day Course)

Day 1

Day 2

Shaft Alignment Fundamentals: Level 3 (3-Day Course)

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

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