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An Innovative and Integrated Approach towards Asset Reliability and Condition Monitoring

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The Monition Portfolio

Monition is a global pioneer in the design, development, and application of reliability and condition-monitoring systems, with more than thirty years (operational) field knowledge and experience in this sector.


Having “Quality” and “Innovation” as the major drivers in provision of maintenance engineering services, Monition has developed a rich customer portfolio and secured strategic relationships with a wide range of national and international businesses in a variety of industrial sectors.


Our commitment to you

Monition is committed to delivering services which are effective, efficient and compliant with the latest quality management standards and safety and security codes of practice.  Monition is recognised as a research and development house for the design and development of cutting-edge maintenance engineering solutions to address particularly the Industry 4.0 and digital manufacturing needs.


With a history in R&D dating back to the early 90’s with both European and UK government and leading universities and industry specialists, Monition provides the insight to designing solutions across a range of operational situations.




Having accredited to the ISO 9001:2015 standards, Monition delivers full-scale reliability and condition-monitoring services through a team of highly skilled engineers and industry accredited analysts, using the latest analytical tools and techniques.

Reliability Excellence


Monition applies a unique approach to improve the life expectancy of industrial assets. The approach comprises of not only the analytical elements—RAM, RCM, RCA, RPM, APT—but management of cultural change, which is regarded as a critical element for the success of any reliability programme. Monition’s unique approach to this has led to the delivery of reliability objectives beyond the performance level currently achieved within the maintenance engineering service sector.



Reliability Services

Condition Monitoring (CM) Excellence


Monition uses an integrated approach towards condition monitoring. Whist the company has developed internal capabilities to accommodate and correctly deploy condition monitoring techniques individually, it has also focused on the development of decision making processes for a selection of a CM techniques (or combinations) which are tailored to the condition and requirements of each asset and operational context.



Condition Monitoring

Oil Condition Monitoring Services


Monition has established a state-of-the-art oil condition monitoring and reporting department with full material testing facilities following significant investment in the relevant equipment.


The company is now providing the advantage of a world-class oil and forensics lab facilities for all customers.


The  Monition lab  provides a wide range of analytical services which are carried by ICML certified professional chemists, including oils, greases, coolants, fuels, unknowns, debris, deposits, residues, filters, swabs and more, which are all analysed to relevant ASPI and ISO STANDARDS and methods.



Oil Condition Monitoring

Motion Amplification Services


Motion Amplification is recognised as the most advanced vibration analysis technology in the market. MA uses video camera technology in tandem alongside a specific software and processing algorithms to visualise and analyse machine vibrations which are not visible to the human eye.


Monition provides MA services through fully accredited and trained engineers who are specialised in implementation of standard MA procedure and analysis of MA data.


Motion Amplification

Energy Survey Services


The survey developed in partnership with a leading multi-national manufacturer to service its 80 plants across 30 counties, combines Thermography and Ultrasonic Air-Leak energy technologies to identify and determine energy losses from steam-heating pipelines, compressed gas systems, chilled water refrigeration pipelines, boilers, hot water systems, and building infrastructure.


Monition’s Energy Loss Survey is currently the fastest and the most cost-effective method available to the manufacturing industry.


To identify, quantify, and prioritise repairs and return on investment, leading to enhanced savings from energy waste, the method has demonstrated its capability to provide significant savings for clients.



Energy Services

World-Class Lubrication Services


Monition implements and manages lubrication inspections for rotating mechanical equipment WCL (World-Class Lubrication) framework and support of an enhanced lubricant selection/centralisation process, ensuring the best practice for storage and handling, delivery, management and reporting.


The programs are controlled from Monition i4.0 web-based oil management program with links to various CMMS systems.


Lubrication Services

IT & Cloud Services (PreMonition)


“Premonition” is the delivery section of Monition, an internally developed i4.0 cloud service software and communication strategy.


Monition is committed to providing advanced IT and Cloud infrastructure for all reliability and condition-monitoring services leading to provide secure, efficient, and effective communication of information internally within the company and externally with clients.


The platforms focus on the needs for decision-making, automation, and effective communication across businesses to generate understanding and a quicker response to business needs.



PreMonition i4.0

Intelligent Oil (IntelliOil)


IntelliOil is a flagship IT product of Monition. It is a web-based diagnostics and reporting platform exclusively developed for oil condition-monitoring services.


The user-friendly reporting dashboard of IntelliOil not only maps the health condition of clients’ assets located in various physical locations but provides an overall health performance for management-level strategic decision-making.


Using IntelliOil, clients would be able to access the real-time health maps available for their assets and also communicating with the platform securely.




Online Reporting Portals


Monition’s online reporting portals also provide a wide range of services for clients.


For instance, the Energy Services Online Portal contains a variety of tools from a real-time dashboard, to scheduling and online guides which clients can readily benefit from.


All the report results are linked automatically to the online management report targeted at all levels with the customer business. The platform allows remote unload of oil results from any oil lab and operates independently of existing arrangements.



Online Reporting

Web-Based Project Management Platform (MP2)


MP2 is a representation of Monition’s project management approach towards the reliability and condition-monitoring tasks.


Having developed a rich project portfolio which ranges from onsite/operational to Industry 4.0 R&D/strategic projects, Monition applies its in-house designed project management platform to manage not only individual projects separately, but multiple interconnected projects simultaneously.


The platform is web-enabled. This feature allows projects to be controlled from any location, so any changes within the project can be taken into effect immediately. Using this platform, clients can check the progress of their relevant project(s) and communicate securely.




Training Services


Given the critical role of training in any reliability engineering programme, Monition provides official training qualifications and is an accredited training organisation.


Monition Training Academy is an accredited training body for the British Institute of Non Destructive Testing (BiNDT). The training courses that Monition offer are in line with the latest ISO standards.


These courses are developed in collaboration with leading Russell Group Universities and professional institutions, including the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE).



Monition Training

Research and Development (R&D)


As a leader in the reliability and condition-monitoring service sector, Monition is committed to develop cutting-edge solutions and introduce new concepts to the world of reliability and condition monitoring.


The company has a rich history of working on research and development projects internally or in collaboration with the leading local and international businesses and academic institutions, dating back more than twenty-five years.


The excellence in the R&D performance has made Monition become an official member of the recently established UK government research and development body called Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (RAI).



Research and Development